Here's my shell script for build MoarVM, Not Quite Perl, and Rakudo from source.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


if [ ! -d $SRC ]
    echo "Creating $SRC"
    mkdir -p $SRC

rm -rf $INSTALL $SRC/MoarVM $SRC/nqp $SRC/rakudo $SRC/zef

cd $SRC

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

#cd $SRC/rakudo/t; pwd
#git clone spec

cd $SRC/MoarVM; pwd
perl --prefix $INSTALL && make -j 17 && make install

cd $SRC/nqp; pwd
perl --backend=moar --prefix=$INSTALL && make -j 17 && make install

cd $SRC/rakudo; pwd
perl --backend=moar --prefix=$INSTALL && make -j 17 && make install

$INSTALL/bin/perl6 -v

printf "\nDon't forget to add $INSTALL/bin and $INSTALL/share/perl6/site/bin to your \$PATH\n"

cd $SRC/zef; pwd
perl6 -I. bin/zef install .

zef install Readline
zef install TAP::Harness
zef install App::Prove6
zef install JSON::Tiny
zef install DBIish
zef install Log::Async
zef install Test::Output

Just in case you're wondering why I rm -rf the source code every time and clone it brand new: it's because the powers that be make breaking changes often enough that I got tired of wondering why my build was failing. There's not a lot of developers using Raku presently, so Googl'ng build errors doesn't usually help and the fix is sometimes rm -rf and re-clone anyway. So yeah :(

Also, don't be surprised if you have to use --force-test to install certain Raku modules. I find myself doing it fairly often.