It has been decided that Perl 6 will be renamed to Raku.

It is often the case in object oriented programming you need to compare two objects to see if they are the same. Usually it just means doing a deeper comparison of the attributes on each object.

Roles are collections of methods and attributes that can be mixed into classes. A role provides an alternate form of code reuse from inheritance. Roles are mixed in using "is" or "does".

Being a long time Ruby user and Lisp dabbler, Rakudo Perl 6 meta-programming capabilities ranked high on my list of curiosities.  Meta-programming can be described as "writing code that writes code".  This includes code that can alter itself.  I was experimenting and...

At first I found Perl (4 and 5) to be a complete pain in the ass compared to the other programming languages I learned years before.  Basic on an Apple IIe in Junior High, and Turbo Pascal on an IBM PC/AT in High School, were never that hard.